Our work is always tailored to leaders, igniting their deeply held dreams and addressing their most pressing challenges. The range of initiatives in which we are engaged include:

Organisation Culture Change
We stimulate leadership across organisations to create highly effective ways of working and deliver a step-change in people performance.

Individual Leadership Development
We work with leaders from the Chairman to the shop floor manager, helping to rekindle their inspiration and transform the impact they make.

Group Leadership Development
We work with board level groups and senior management teams - aligning their purpose and ensuring full leadership power is delivered into their organisation.

Breakthrough Teams
We work with functional and cross-functional teams, breaking through limitations and helping them deliver astonishing performance improvements.

Transforming Relationships
We help people and departments to work together differently, to step outside their functional silos and to engage in dynamic collaboration.

Merger Synergy
We work with the heart of merger challenges, with culture and people issues which, if not addressed, act as a hand-brake on merger success.

Breakthrough Coaching
We help people make major transitions in their working lives, to overcome their blocks and fully focus their energy and commitment.

Development of In-House Coaches
We develop Breakthrough Coaches in organisations so that they build the skills and personal authority required to work effectively with leaders and teams.